a Comedic Caper with a Twist

a Comedic Caper with a Twist

About the Film

High jinks explode when a fashionista helming a faux-fur empire sets out on a mission to take back a precious asset,
stolen by her ex-wife. This quest launches an impulsive decision that gives new life to all involved. 

Director’s Statement

Where’s the Bitch is a film about a woman who has lost two loves—her ex-wife, and most recently her dog. It’s a story about the perception of betrayal and how miscommunication can lead into hilarious mishaps. While this is a comedy, I do believe that it’s a love story. Celeste has to mend the gap with Rooney, but also help herself become happier by creating a puppy family. I love this film because it shows Celeste at one of her most desperate moments and at her happiest.

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